Sustainability at Mey

Mey is a family-run company managed by the third and fourth generation, which is why sustainability has never been just a trend for us – it is our tradition. Anyone familiar with us knows we stand just as much for tradition and experience as we do for quality and innovation. We take a clear stance and hold ourselves to particularly high standards. That also applies to the subject of corporate responsibility and sustainability, which is firmly anchored in our corporate mission statement. To us, assuming responsibility for people and the environment builds the essential foundation for upholding our demands in terms of premium quality and innovative strength as well as our own values.

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Sustainability and responsible consumption reflect the spirit of the times and are much more than a short-term trend. The meaning of intrinsic value is gaining in importance. Enlightened consumers are increasingly seeking high-quality products produced under fair conditions. Lingerie, loungewear and day and nightwear for women and men – Mey products are unmistakable. Their creation is special as well: we are an owner-managed, medium-sized company that has placed great value on premium quality, innovative strength and the sense of responsibility since 1928. We continue to produce a large portion of our products in our factories in Germany, Portugal and Hungary. From the thread to the fabric, cutting and even the final product – more than 50% of added value is created in Germany. We cover all of the production steps in our factories, which makes us fully integrated.

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GOTS certification

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GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, which places the highest ecological, sustainability and social standards on organically produced natural fibres. Quality assurance is based on independent certification along the entire textile supply chain. From the beginning, substances that harm the environment are excluded from the production process and guidelines are defined that monitor compliance to ensure eco-friendly and safe production. In addition to the ecology of textiles, GOTS also monitors compliance with social criteria. This not only ensures that the textile end product upholds the strictest consumer protection requirements worldwide, but also gives consumers the reassurance that they have purchased a sustainably manufactured product.

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In addition to our GOTS certification, we also have further certificates for our company and products. For example, we are also Oeko-Tex® 100 certified and are a bluesign® SYSTEM PARTNER. All of our products uphold the highest standards of quality and can be safely worn directly on the skin.

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PRODUCTION at three company-owned sites

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More than 80% of the garments produced in 2018 came from our own production facilities with the rest from contact manufacturing with a focus on Eastern Europe and full merchandise. Over 85% of our fabric is knitted at our headquarters in Albstadt Lautlingen. We currently collaborate with roughly 120 production-related suppliers: we have worked with half of our suppliers for more than ten years, and with some for even more than 50 years, and more than 95% of our suppliers are located in Europe.

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  • Production site Hungary

  • Production site Portugal

The Mey hanger cycle

Mey employs the principle of minimising the use of resources as best as possible from the very start. An innovative and successful example is our “Swabian boomerang”, which received the German Environmental Award in 1998. With this initiative, approximately 2.5 million hangers remain in circulation every year, saving raw materials, power and plastic waste as a result. The hanger cycle system secures jobs in the region. At the Lebenshilfe Zollernalb Workshops in Bisingen and Albstadt, reconditioning the hangers provides steady employment for 40 people with disabilities.

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Mey bee colonies

Things have been a bit more abuzz than usual on the company site in Albstadt (Germany) since April 2018. With much devotion, our facility manager Paul has created a home for our six bee colonies. Due to the low level of agriculture in the Albstadt area, there is virtually no crop spraying in the region – making it the ideal place for bees to live.

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Flagship projects in Albstadt (Germany)