Production at the highest level

As an owner-managed family business dating back to 1928, Mey has always placed great value on delivering the highest level of quality, innovation and sustainability throughout the entire production process.


A large part of our added value is created in Germany. More than 1000 people develop and produce our bodywear at three production sites in Germany and two abroad (Portugal and Hungary). We protect the environment by employing the latest production methods in our factories, using resources efficiently and ensuring that we have short transport routes. Our goal is to achieve long-term success with our products, which are comfortable to wear and make men and women feel confident that they have made the right choice. After all, nothing gets closer to your skin than your underwear.


Produktion in Deutschland

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  • Production Hungary

  • Production Portugal

Innovative design with attention to detail

We design our collections with a great deal of attention to detail, are constantly developing the cuts and materials further and place great importance on ensuring a perfect/comfortable fit. We select our raw materials and additional elements with particular care.


Material production in Albstadt-Lautlingen

The heart of the company: Mey produces the fabrics at its company headquarters in Albstadt-Lautlingen, home to all of the specialist expertise the company has gained over the decades. 80% of Mey fabrics (approx. 50 tons per month) are made using the latest knitting machines On the finest Mey machine, 50 needles knit 50 stitches into each 2.54-cm (one-inch) stretch. For garments without visible side seams, each size is made in the form of a tube using a specific machine.


The most productive Mey circular knitting machine can knit 11-million stitches in a minute with 4700 needles!

The refining process

Finishing and refining means treating yarn and fabrics by dyeing, bleaching or printing. In line with strict regulations for humans and the environment, no chlorine is used when bleaching or dyeing Mey underwear. We work with regional treatment partners during this process. To make sure that garments do not shrink even when washed at home, the fabrics are pre-treated using the company’s jet shrinking system. This system implements the principle of a household tumble drier on a commercial scale. The fabric is pre-shrunk by 10%, meaning that 100 metres of fabric must be produced in order to create 90 metres of ready-to-use fabric. During the additional steaming and ironing process — in the calender — the fabric is treated using pure water, steam and mechanics, without the addition of any chemicals. This ensures that Mey underwear retains its shape well and is exceptionally silky and smooth.



Considerable experience, expert knowledge and the use of the latest cutting machines and punching machines guarantee a consistently high level of accuracy. It is particularly important that the cut is tailored to the different materials used in the underwear. The material is cut by the cutter as part of an entirely automatic process. To ensure that the layers of fabric do not slip when being cut, they are covered with film and fixed in place on the cutting table by means of a vacuum. The CAD-controlled cutting head cuts the different sections from the compiled layers of fabric to the exact millimetre using an oscillating blade. The punching technique, meanwhile, is the ideal process for cutting shirts and slips that are knitted in tube form.


High tech & a wealth of experience

At Mey, only computer-controlled high-tech sewing machines are used. Trained employees with many years of experience and an ergonomically designed working environment are also essential when it comes to producing high-quality end products.



In 1997, the introduction of the Mey hanger also marked the launch of the environmentally friendly hanger cycle. The hangers arrive with the goods in store, where they are collected and then sent to the workshop for persons with disabilities in Albstadt to be prepared. Mey completes the cycle and the hangers are then assigned to new garments. That’s the “Swabian boomerang”! Every year, millions of hangers go through this cycle, which also helps to protect the environment.

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Annually, more than three million hangers are part of the cycle, which saves 50 tonnes of waste – year after year!
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Exacting quality tests

After undergoing exacting quality tests at each production stage, every single product is subjected to an extensive final inspection before it is awarded the Mey seal of quality.


Our logistics. Perfectly coordinated.

Once the final inspection is complete and the product has been packaged up, it is taken to our logistics centre in Bitz. Here, customer orders are picked by means of voice control — similar to a sat nav. Following a scanner check, the orders are packed and sent out to our customers on time.


We send out over 1000 packages from our logistics centre in Bitz every day.

Responsibility and sustainability

We look after the environment by employing the latest production methods, using resources efficiently and ensuring that we have short transport routes. With our products, we want men and women to feel confident that they have made the right choice.

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